The Great Overland Station | Topeka KS

The Great Overland Station.

Saturday- August 17, 2013 turned out to be a fun day! My daughter and her family were out of town and I went to their house to tend to the dogs. 94.5 Country was promoting- The Great Overland Station 6th Annual Topeka Railroad Festival. I grabbed my camera and off I went!



Food, games, train rides, a petting zoo and many vendors were on the grounds. I love fresh squeezed lemonade. It was fun watching how they were made.

fresh squeezed lemonade

Fresh squeezed lemonade.

Food Train Ride Petting Zoo

Food, Train Ride & Petting Zoo.

The Street Organ Grinder was very entertaining. As the organ grinder was playing his organ, he told me to not feed the monkey. The monkey was sleeping, didn’t want me to disrupt him. Well of course I had to peek in the box…..

street organ grinder

The Street Organ Grinder.

Along with the railroad, we had Abraham Lincoln and the American Indian. As I was walking through the food court, Abraham Lincoln was standing in line with the flags. The first image of this post was how I saw Ab standing. A short distance from Ab, there was a tent with onlookers. John Anderson’s Seminole Wind was playing. The image below features an American Navajo Indian.

American Indian

American Indian

Inside the station- a museum and of course there were many model train sets. These weren’t little sets- the small town was remarkable. Every kid would enjoy seeing these!



In front of the Train Station there is a tribute featuring an American flag with a State flag for each of the fifty states. This is an awesome display. If you can visit the Station, you will be amazed!

state flag

State Flag

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