Together in Yates Center

Together in Yates Center.

It’s not too often Kevin will take a day off from work. Being in commercial construction the busiest time is summer. Of course when work is strong- keep working. In winter- the slower months, don’t spend money which translates to; Stay Home.

This year was not a usual year. We purchased land in Yates Center, KS last Fall. We were celebrating Kevin’s birthday and our anniversary this July. I really needed to get away; even if it was just some place close. It was a nice surprise when Kevin agreed to take two days away from work. BUT this came with stipulations: Could not rain Tuesday or Wednesday- laying concrete. If it rained, our trip would be delayed.

Kevin made an appointment with the Division of Conservation – Kansas Department of Agriculture. Our appointment was scheduled for Thursday @ 1:00 pm. We left our home Thursday morning early- 6:10 am. Our first stop was the DMV in Lawrence. From there we drove at a leisurely pace to Yates Center, KS.

doc kansas department of agriculture

Kansas Department of Agriculture – Division of Conservation

I once had a friend ask me what would I do when taking pictures became work. Oh- I thought that would never happen. BUT it did. This is one of the reasons I created G’masDiary. Every place I go now, I take my camera. Take images for me. Have fun, memories for me to look back on. Throughout my life I have had to separate work from home- Crohon’s Disease flair up’s if I don’t separate the two. I want to get back to the place where picture taking is second nature- not just in work, but with my family when I am not working.

Our get-away was a trip to Yates Center and the long drive home. I was amazed at the beauty of the landscape. What wonderful things we saw that we were not looking for! Several places I marked so we can go back and visit our next trip to Yates Center- in particular, Fall River.

Thursday we spent our time in Yates Center and Eureka. Our motel room in Yates Center- The Townsman, was really nice and clean. We ate at the local Pizza Hut for dinner. Lunch was in Eureka- Cherokee. Mozzarella sticks were included on the buffet. Boy was I a happy camper!

Friday we drove to Emporia, KS with stops along the way. We drove through a small portion of the Flint Hills. One weekend if I can get Kevin to go again, I want to explore the Flint Hills. We passed through Cassody and Strong, KS. We arrived in Emporia late afternoon. We settled into our hotel- Comfort Inn. We ventured out into Emporia. Kevin asked me if I have ever been to a Dollar Tree store. No- well now I can say that I have. During our shopping spree in Dollar Tree, Kevin bought me a bottle of bubble bath. Anytime we stay in hotels/motels, I enjoy taking a bath. We have just a shower, no tub at home. Baths are a luxury for me!

Saturday we met Erika, Shaune & Briella for lunch at one of my favorite places- Golden Corral. Visited for a while then headed for home. What a wonderful weekend spent with my husband!

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