Waffle House Date

Hi, I just had another fun date with hubby…….

waffle house

Waffle House

Kevin wakes up each morning early. Sunday’s are no different. This Sunday he had to run by his work to lay blankets over concrete just poured the day before. As usual Kevin came in the room to kiss me goodbye. I asked if I could tag along. Surprisingly he said yes. One of the quickest mornings I got ready!

First had to get gas. Next off to wash his truck. Kevin does not like his picture taken. So if I do take one, I have to be creative or sneaky- take your pick.
kevin waffle

Another surprise, as we were approaching the waffle house; he pulled in. Breakfast was delicious. While Kevin was pulling the blankets over the concrete he instructed me to now walk on the newly poured pathway. My shoes had just enough heel to indent into the surface.

waffle church

It’s just been this past year that I have gone with Kevin to his job site. Now with the kids out of the house and it’s just me and Kevin, we are doing more together. Not so much as the dates when we were younger as just spending time together, quality time. I can see why these are called the Golden Years.

The images above are amazing compared to my first visit. The steeple was on the original portion of the church. It was moved during the addition remodel. The other images are of the portion of the remodel from out of the ground. During Christmas there was no roof and the floor was gravel. No doors were in place and no windows- just plastic hanging. I made another request for Kevin to take me when it has been completed.

What did you do on your most recent date?

Best Wishes,

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