A Wonderful Day.

the nine

The Nine

Today was a fun and memorable day. For my husband it began as a typical weekend day, getting up from the cozy, comfortable bed and preparing to go visit the girls at 6:30 am. This is not the typical for me, I generally roll out of the same bed at 8 am on Saturday mornings. Well today, I did the non-typical. I joined Kevin and went to visit his girls.

First he fed them a bit of grain. Then he loaded them up in the trailer to visit the vet for vaccinations and the such. The Vet’s office is a busy office Saturday morning. Met a few new faces. Enjoyed hearing their stories. While visiting with the other’s I noticed the wonderful view of the mailbox. After the girl’s were taken care of, we loaded them back up and brought them home.

rural mailbox

Rural Mailbox

Kevin invited me to lunch. We went to Chunkie Dunkers on the north side of the square in Oskaloosa, KS. Really good food, I recommend their food and service.

chunkie dunkers

Chunkie Dunkers

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