Model Call Models 2017

Hi, the Model Call 2017 was a success. Each of the models did a wonderful job! Here are just a few quick peeks from their sessions.

Wilson Kids Claire Isa & Carlos Megan & Friends sam 006 (Sheet 6) Brian &  Becky Isa & Carlos Megan & Friends Sam Brian & Becky Claire Wilson Kids jquery lightbox youtube videoby v6.1

You can view slideshows of their images just by clicking the model’s name below.

The Wilson Kids

Megan and Friends

Brian and Becky

Isa and Carlos Family



I was highly pleased with the new camera. Going forward I will definitely be purchasing additional equipment for the Sony mirrorless camera- lens and possibly a full frame camera. Be sure to sign up for the nifty newsletter to receive first dibs on another modeling session! 🙂

Best Wishes,

Treasures Found While Recycling | Mushrooms

Treasures Found

Hi, it’s amazing at how the smallest thing can bring so much happiness. I have started recycling; mainly aluminum cans and plastic milk jugs. Just before grocery shopping I dropped off several bags of cans. Nothing unusual about that. What was fun was the surprise I found once I opened the cover to the recycling can house. Adam was with me and he had his phone with him; he took several pictures. Not me, I had no phone nor camera. So the next day I went back. Another surprise, they were still there!

treasure mushroom

LENS: 30 mm Macro
EXP: 1/60 sec; f/3.5; ISO 200

In the local Dillon’s parking lot is the Cans for the Community recycling bin; I refer to it as the can house. Cans for the Community proceeds from recycling are donated to local non-profit organizations.

treasures mushroom

You can see the small mushrooms on the bottom right side of the opened sliding door in the middle and right image above. As cute as these mushrooms are, still be very careful. Mushrooms can be dangerous. We never touched them, just looked at them and took many pictures!

What’s even funnier; after taking these pictures I researched macro photography and found that it is recommended shooting with a smaller aperture. The first image above I used the largest aperture for this lens f/3.5. So I went back to the can house the following day. Guess what, they were still there! One had faded (expired, died) and another one had grown open more. Here is one of the pictures taken with the smaller aperture of f/10. Note that in this image my distance is a bit closer to the mushroom treasures.

treasure mushrooms

LENS: 30 mm Macro
EXP: 1/60 sec; f/10; ISO 640

Have you found any treasures such as this? If so, where did you find it?

Best Wishes,

Killdeer Nest of Eggs, Can You Find It?

Hi, can you find the Killdeer nest in the image below?

killdeer nest

EXP: 1/1000 sec; f/5.6; ISO 100

It was last weekend when I was with Kevin while feeding the cows that he asked me if I could see the Killdeer nest. As I was looking everywhere, Kevin just laughed. He said it’s out in plain site. I had to admit that I didn’t know what I was looking for- never seen a Killdeer nest before. Heck, I wasn’t sure what a Killdeer even looked like!

You might see the nest right off the dot. But when you are out in the open pasture the nest isn’t easy to see. This is down by the pond/cabin, Kevin marked the nest with two bigger rocks so he wouldn’t mow over them.


EXP: 1/640 sec; f/5.6; ISO 100

Best Wishes,

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