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How to Take Better Pictures

I just love a brick sidewalk! Hi, just the other day I had a co-worker ask me how I took such good pictures. What a wonderful compliment and it made me feel great. I believe there are two simple things one can do to take better pictures with any camera. Sure, those fancy big cameras…

Freeze | How to Take Sharp Action Pictures

SHARP ACTION PICTURES Hi, taking pictures is what I do. Sometimes I just need to play; to remember why I love photography so much. Have you ever wondered how to take sharp action pictures? Here are the simple sure steps to freeze a picture while shooting in manual mode. FOCUS MODE: AF-C Select AF-C that…

New Computer Not Reading SD Card

Hi, as you have read- my computer crashed last month. I must repeat this one important message- remember to take the time to back every single file up to a secure location! Okay now that we have that established……. Working on this week’s post, I went to download pictures from Thanksgiving and my youngest grand-daughters…

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